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my approach

my approach

My approach

I am a mother, sister, daughter, dancer, educator and lifelong student. My specialties are in the areas of depression, anxiety, stress and burnout and in cancer survivorship. I have also worked with adults at The Princess Margaret, CAMH, Salvation Army, START Clinic for Mood and Anxiety Disorders who were facing trauma, substance use, anger,  psychosis, isolation, suicidal thoughts, etc. My approach is Humanistic and is based on Mindfulness-based modalities, Radical Acceptance, Self-Compassion, Eye Movement and Desensitization (EMDR), Motivational Interviewing, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Sex Therapy, Strength-based and Emotionally-focused modalities. I adopt an anti-oppression and culturally-sensitive framework, having lived and studied in various countries over the last two decades (Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Romania).

My goal

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” David Richo

Our sensitivity is what can often scar us, but it is also what gives us the immense clarity needed to make skillful choices to live meaningfully. My goal is to help my clients access what is meaningful and fulfilling and face the hardships of life with grace.


Mindfulness is an integral part of my personal and professional practice. I have attended Vipassana 10-day silent retreats and many one-day retreats as well as other classes and workshops. I have received my qualification of mindfulness instructor from the Centre for Mindfulness Studies / University of Toronto. I have been leading mindfulness programs, retreats and drop-in sessions with  Mindfulness in Public Safety, University of Toronto, Central LHIN, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, the Law Union of Ontario and in private practice over the last several years.